Friday, February 25, 2011

Two F.O's in One week!

Our town quilting club, the Pieceful Stitchers, keeps a supply of "comfort quilts" on hand to give to needy people: those who have suffered a house fire, a serious illness, a bereavement. The past few years all of these "comfort quilts" have been made by just two or three of our members. So when we were making up our schedule of meetings for this current year, we simply designated one of our meeting days: Comfort Quilts. In that way many members were involved in making a variety of comfort quilts.

Many of the quilts made this week Tuesday were made from a stash of blocks, strips and fabrics the club was given by the heirs of a deceased quilter. It was totally neat and surprising how combining these odd bits with some sashing and borders created lovely quilts.

Since we also had the option of bringing one of our own projects, I took along a "project bag" from my closet that contained eight picture blocks suitable for a man's lap quilt. I had bought them as a panel from the remnant bin a few years ago. This was a good opportunity to reduce that stash of "project bags."

I combined the pictures with some odds 'n ends of suitable material and came up with
lap quilt, 39" x 52", just right for a tall man in a wheel
chair, and certainly a very masculine quilt. Good! Objective accomplished, and one less project in my closet.

Wednesday morning I made the quilt sandwich and started machine quilting with a loose "meander" stitch. Finished it on Thursday, put on the binding and stitched the binding down to the back of the quilt. All Done!

Then late on Thursday I picked up this cute, ready quilted panel from the pile. I had bought some great striped fabric for the binding that afternoon.

This panel had three holes where some rivets had been. I covered the three holes with some appliqued
stripey hearts. I decided to give the central "zebra" an appliqued heart also, just to tie things together.

So in a few hours I had another project finished. A lovely little comfort quilt for a child, bright and cheery.

So, in spite of having a rather long, boring main project to work on (see recent post on the 12-1/2" blocks), I am finding relief in a few short projects.

The one I'm working on at the moment: a cloth book from a panel. This one will take just a very short time to complete, and I can brag about finishing three projects in four days!

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