Friday, January 14, 2011


It's been snowing all day again. There hasn't been this much snow on the ground since we moved here over eleven years ago. Just keeps coming. This is a cedar wrapped for winter and frosted with garlands of the white stuff.

The current temperature is -24º, and the official weather site posts the additional information that this actually feels like -37º. I think we didn't get above -20º for at least a week.

But I am thoroughly enjoying this weather today. It's lovely to have quilting to do, snug and cozy at home on a dark, overcast day.

This morning I spray basted the top half of the quilt I'm making for our youngest grandson. The top was finished in September, but laid aside until now for layering and quilting. I decided to outline quilt each of the rectangles in the sashing with plain black cotton thread. It's basically invisible that way but the quilt is plenty busy as it is. I might do a little outline quilting within the blocks, too.

A CD that S. gave me of violinist David Garrett has been keeping me company while I sew. It was so good I hit the repeat when it finished. Favorites on this disc: Czardas, Air on the G String, and Zorba's Dance. Yes, it's pretty eclectic, all beautifully played.

Since the new year began, I've been in the mood to finish up projects. Need that once in a while! It's always more fun to start something new. So here's a set of placemats that I started as an example of the "Easy Peasy Paper Piecing" that I taught at the town club. The women at the country group also want to learn this. The "easy peasy" part is that you can cut your material to 1 1/4" strips. Most paper piecing has the difficulty of trying to figure out the backwards shape of the pieces. So this is an easy way to learn the method.

The Block of the Month quilt top is finished also, and put aside to be layered and quilted later. When that happens I'll post a picture of the finished project.

Well, the violin CD is finished for the second time. I think I'll put on the music to Schindler's List. Sixteen years ago our daughter-in-law (before she was our daughter-in-law) and son were over for a Christmas visit. She took some hand sewing along, and she and I spent a gloomy winter afternoon all cozy in the sewing room, listening to this music, which she had taken along. I loved it so much that they gave the CD to me. Ever since, a dark afternoon with sewing is the time to listen to it. Fills me with nostalgia.

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