Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reading Matters

I am completely out of library books, which for me is a desperate situation! I finished the last one on Sunday, and our library is closed on Mondays. Today M. and I went shopping in the city and had a great time, but I still don't have a book to read.

Monday I went downstairs to Jim's study and found a good book: The First Easter, by Paul Maier. It was written in the 70's and is a good look at the facts and background of the gospels' passion week account. It's a good book to start your day with, but just not what I want to be reading the last hour of the day.
A friend had loaned me some books, and I tried one by Maeve Binchy, but she is just not an author that I enjoy. Things were getting desperate last night, so I finally went into my sewing room and picked up the first issues of Threads. I have, of those early issues, #4 (April, May, 1986), #8, #9, #11, and then my subscription started with #18, and I have almost every one up to #131, when I let my subscription run out, because our local library subscribed, and I can read it there. There are a few issues missing, issues that were loaned out and not returned.

I had actually considered letting it go for some time, because of the way the content changed. Those early issues were just amazing!!! In #4 there are articles on basket-making, sewing with silk, mastering the art of hand applique, producing yards of stable, open weave fabric, anti- and pro-fashion discussions, and hand-painted silk screening. Their range of thread-related articles was just breath-taking. I devoured each issue when it arrived.

Then in the summer of 1995, when our two youngest got married within 3 weeks of each other, meaning I was making a quilt, a wedding dress, and a maid of honor dress, Threads announced that it was henceforth going to be strictly for sewers. I felt as if a good friend had passed away! I love to sew, but that's not the complete story, is it?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my reading last night. Now I have to find something for tonight!!!

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