Monday, November 16, 2009

Outdoor Projects and F.O.'s

Our wacky weather this year included a very cool dry summer, hot weather in September (our first 30+C [85F] days), very heavy frost early in October, including several snowy days, and now FINALLY in November we're having lovely fall weather. Today we had a high of +15C [55F], when our average high would be only +2C. It gives us the chance to get our fall work done. But I wondered what Jim was busy inspecting down by the pond in the front yard. So I finally went out to look.

He had begun a project that he wanted to do
this summer, but never had time for. He's building a small waterfall in front of the spruce tree at the north end of a little decorative pond we dug in the front yard.

There was a rather boggy spot of low-lying land near the front of the property, and we decided quite early on not to fight that tendency, but to take advantage of it. We had a backhoe come in and dig a large hole about 8 feet deep, filled it with rocks, (to provide drainage), and then scooped out a shallow pond around it.

The first lining, two layers of black plastic, was all too soon pierced by deer hooves, so Jim did some research and found that the very heavy black plastic used to line oil tank containment levees would do the job. Since he installed that we haven't had problems with leakage. This past summer he saw a lovely little rock waterfall in some friends' backyard, and that appealed to him.

With this fine weather he was able to begin constructing his own little waterfall. At this point he was just running water over the rocks with a hose, to check if the positioning was good. Next spring we'll get a submersible pump, and circulate the pond water. It makes a lovely trickling sound that will be a bonus in the landscape during hot weather. It will probably also help the water quality in this small pond.

I've used the good weather to get some fall work done also. You heard about the window washing. Well, I also managed to get the icicle lights hung on the peak of the house, get the car washed, and get the garage cleaned up. Now I feel prepared for winter.

Here's a pair of wool socks I knit for Jim, to keep his cold feet warm during the coming winter. Socks make such a good knitting project to do in the car, so I was busy with these during our summer trip.

Last week I really wanted to finish some quilting projects, but only managed one F.O., the first of the two Christmas tree skirts. This is the one that I made the stupid mistakes on, but in spite of that, it looks very nice. The reds are a little deeper tints
than is evident in this picture. The "grout" is gold lame, left over from D.D.#2's wedding dress. I was having lots of trouble with it fraying, when one of the women in the town quilting club suggested using iron on inter-facing. It worked like a charm.

This week I'd like to finish the other tree skirt, and provided that turns out well, that's the one I'll send to D.D. #2.

There was lots of music going on lately also. Our string ensemble gave its first concert of the season a week ago Sunday. We combined with the chamber choir, each doing half of the program. We were missing two members, who were out with the H1N1, and since we are a small group, we really did miss them! But it went fairly well, and the audience enjoyed both groups.

Now it's time to work on the Messiah, which Rosebud Chorale is going to present the last Sunday and Tuesday of November. So on Saturday four of us drove to Rosebud for a rehearsal. This is the first time I'm playing the viola part, and I kind of miss the busy work that the violins do. I LOVE making music in a group!


  1. I love the whole idea of preparing for winter. Definitely something I'm NOT doing in Southern California. Your socks look super cozy and I love the tree skirt you made. The gold lame with those reds must be stunning in person!

    You play the viola? Fantastic! And I love making music in a group too. I'm sorry I missed your Vermont visit. Mom, Walt, Heather and I LOVE to sing together. Had we all been there, we could have put on quite a show!

  2. We'll all have to get together sometime. Nothing more fun than making music together!