Monday, August 3, 2009

First Fruits and some "grands"

We had a lovely visit from son #2 and his family, including their two delightful girls.
I picked them up from the airport on Friday morning.  We spent time relaxing on our
backyard deck that afternoon, while the young granddaughter (6) played in our backyard pool.

By the end of the day they were pretty tuckered out.  They had stayed overnight with cousins who live near the Vancouver airport, and had gotten very little sleep.  So they were soon ready for bed.

On Saturday the girls decided they wanted
to make some little pillows.  They each 
drew a design on a 10"x 10" sheet of graph
paper.  We chose some materials from my
stash.  I thought their color choices were 
terrific.  The flowers and leaves were
attached using steam-a-seam II, and 
Grammy put the satin stitch around the
applique, since that was a little beyond
them.  The older granddaughter (9) sewed
her pillow around three edges by machine
and we used some stuffing from grammy's stash.  I sewed the edges for the 6 year old.
Here's the happy girls with their unique pillows, and a proud grammy between them.

All too soon it was time for them to leave again, and this morning, bright and early, the family took off for an extended trip to eastern Canada.  Jim and I took a very long walk, over 4 miles, a good activity for a holiday morning.  Today is the "August Holiday" in Canada,  also known as "Heritage Day".  It's a way of enjoying a long weekend in August.

After a lazy day of catching up on our reading, we picked a gallon of Saskatoons, the fruit on the right.  Saskatoons are very similar to blueberries, but don't require the acid soil.  Our soil is quite alkalai, and the Saskatoons do well here.  They are a very fussy fruit, though, and if there is either frost or wind when they are blossoming, there is little fruit.  Another hazard is lack of water, which has certainly been our problem this year.  After showers the past weekend, we are at a season total of a little over 3".  

We have four 350' long rows of Saskatoon bushes, but only the few bushes on the east end are producing any amount of fruit.  These bushes were planted just the last few years, and are not crowded together like the rest of the rows, so the little moisture they received did not have to be shared so much with their neighbors.
Saskatoons make lovely muffins, jam, juice and wine.

Then after supper I went
 out and picked our first gallon on Nanking Cherries, the bucket on the left.  We have lots of Nanking Cherry bushes, and some of them are loaded this year.  That whole bucket came from one bush, and that bush still has lots of berries on it.  Nankings have a large pit in a small cherry, so I process them in the steam juicer.  The juice goes for drinking, for cherry jelly, syrup and wine.

We're just at the beginning of all this fruit processing.  Wonder how much I'll get done this year?

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  1. Cute pillows for your precious granddaughters. My gd loves to sew also.