Tuesday, April 21, 2009

F.O.'s in Quilting

In my last post I mentioned the fun of beginning a new quilting project.  Today I want to look back at this last quilting season (October to April) and reflect on some of the projects that I finished.

At the start of our quilting group meetings I felt pushed to complete some unfinished projects, so I worked determinedly at them and managed to finish up several.  The first one finished was a lounge or patio dress that I designed myself.  I drew up a sketch of what I wanted to started working toward it.  Along the way some things worked and were used
 as I planned.  Other parts looked awful when I sewed them as planned, so they were discarded and a new plan was substituted.  When the dress was finished I was quite pleased with it.

I made a square table topper for our younger son and his family, but when it was put on their table, it became obvious that it should be oblong, not square.  So I took it home again and made a new one in the oblong arrangement.  That was sent off in time for Christmas, along with handknit leg warmers for the two granddaughters.

Last summer I had asked our older son if he would like another quilt, and he said Yes.  So I started sewing madly, trying to finish a single bed-sized quilt in about 6 weeks.  I chose to do an all scrap, controlled placement 6 x 6 block design.  About half way into the project I had another talk with him, and found out that he didn't mean a bed-sized quilt, but another wall hanging.  So I set aside the quilt I was working on and promised him I'd try to produce an original design wall hanging.  After we returned from our holiday which included visits with both sons, I set to work to finish both of those projects.  The wall hanging, which I had originally titled "Green Dreams" was sent to him in the mail. 

The bed size quilt is still at home here, waiting to find a new owner.  I have an idea it may go to son #2's nephew, who needs some encouragement just now.  I'm thinking of calling it "Zig-Zag RazzMaTazz," just for something upbeat.

Then I actually finished up a chenille jacket I was making for myself.  I had become discouraged about this project, because it was turning out way, way too big.  But then I
figured out a way to take the sides in, and, though it will never be a favorite because it still feels too bulky, it is now wear

I just love the "buttons" I found for it.  They
 are actually pendants from Michaels.  I love
 the way they echo the stitching in the jacket.  

My next project was a Country Creations kit that I started in a class in Edmonton that Lorraine Stangness taught.  It's called "Log Cabin in the Round." 

And last of all I finished the main part of a scrap quilt for our bed.  Elaine Adair had posted pictures of the quilt twice on her blog "Elaine Adair Pieces."  She wrote that it was just pinwheels and four x fours.  I thought it was so attractive, so I charted it up and started working on it just before Christmas.  I didn't finish it until the last day of quilting group.  Now it needs a border, and then the sides and bottom that hang down. I do think it's really attractive, but found the pinwheels extremely hard to do well.  I don't think I'll ever go back to that pattern.

All in all, it's been a good year of quilting, and I'm happy with what was accomplished.



  1. You've been a busy beaver! I love love love the jacket. And, this quilt looks great!

  2. Hard to do pinwheels? Wonder why? this time I used Bonnie Hunter's suggestion of that ruler where you cut the strip 3.5 inches, instead of the 3 7/8. And I like it. Yes, I always have variances. I also "twirled" the center of each 4-patch and the center of each pinwheel and now, when putting the blocks together, MOST of the seams are always right, i.e., for butting together. Occasionally (not sure why) I have to clip the seam on the back and flip it back to the opposite side to help it butt up nicely.

    This one is stunning and I see you were careful to alternate the patches so the corners blended in with either light or dark pinwheels. It DOES make a differnece. And Hey! Those are my colors as well. I almost thought it WAS my quilt! 8-))

    BTW the marroon, pink and white project is stunning! Not only bias, but curved? That is also on my To-Do -- if I live to be 90 and fully functioning! Thanks for YOUR comment today.